Monday, February 17, 2014

The Daily Jakarta Shimbun

July 2010

I was interviewed by Yasutoshi Tsurumi from The Daily Jakarta Shimbun in July 2010. It was lost in translation interviewed but i had so much fun with him because of the language barrier. I never laugh so much during the interview. I normally feel intimidated and a bit nervous when people started to ask me questions, but it is weird that I feel so relax with Yashutoshi. I think the reason for that is because i speak better English than him. I talked with him like a mother tried to explain things to a little child. I used a lot of body languange and also pen and paper to explain and even draw things. He often mumble in Japanesse and i was smiling because i have no idea what he said.
Hopefully, he wrote a nice thing about me in the newspaper because i don't understand any single words in Japanesse. Arigatou gozaimasu... Genki deska...

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