Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hello 2014

February 2014

I have abandoned my blog for quite a while. Many things have happened in my personal life. Of course there is happy time but lots of sadness, struggle, survival.. I don't feel inspired to write. I'm still in the process to overcome my resentment and I'm still in the process of letting things go. I guess this is the first time i wrote something that a little bit personal. Oh well.. I'm going to stay positive, keep working, and hopefully one day i will understand the truly meaning of acceptance.

Anyway.. enough of my personal emotion :) I would like to write something about my work.
While I was away for so long, I actually made a sister of Kaligula that i called Kala. It means Kaligis Anita. Accessories line with affordable price for Indonesian market. Its fun and wearable.

These are some samples that i created :
Red Scarlet
China Blu
Ivory Tribe

Pink Petal

Blow Preen

Bled Ivory

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