Monday, February 17, 2014

Preview of my Lookbook

November 2010 

Time flies and a year gone by. I created my brand a-k and participated in Jakarta Fashion Week last year. Who will be expected that i will be participating on fashion week this year in a different brand "KALIGULA" under the wing of LEVEL ONE? *yeayyyyy... chicken dance*

Well... I'm still in a process of learning and growing. One step at the time but i always make sure that i accomplish something in a year of work. Six months after Fashion First, i was able to open my own shop that i share with some friends. I also had an offer to put my stuff at the online shopping ( in Netherlands and they are willing to work as my agent *fingers cross*. 

At the moment, I'm in the process of making my lookbook for Spring Summer 2011 so i can have a proper presentation in a future. The most exciting part of all is i finally launch my small collection of shoes. I'm going to post all of my photo shoot picture as soon as i finish with Jakarta Fashion Week. It is a bit too crazy at the moment but I'm still going to put a glimpse of the picture that i have. Feel free to give a comment that can improve me but not the nasty one. I hope you enjoy it like i do love working on it. Baci...

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  1. haha...nice working with long ago that we took this photos?...almost a years isn't it?...well this is my other new my studio is just finished last sunday...hopefully we can do more photos of your collections know my number...ciao bella