Monday, February 17, 2014

The Daily Jakarta Shimbun

July 2010

I was interviewed by Yasutoshi Tsurumi from The Daily Jakarta Shimbun in July 2010. It was lost in translation interviewed but i had so much fun with him because of the language barrier. I never laugh so much during the interview. I normally feel intimidated and a bit nervous when people started to ask me questions, but it is weird that I feel so relax with Yashutoshi. I think the reason for that is because i speak better English than him. I talked with him like a mother tried to explain things to a little child. I used a lot of body languange and also pen and paper to explain and even draw things. He often mumble in Japanesse and i was smiling because i have no idea what he said.
Hopefully, he wrote a nice thing about me in the newspaper because i don't understand any single words in Japanesse. Arigatou gozaimasu... Genki deska...

Preview of my Lookbook

November 2010 

Time flies and a year gone by. I created my brand a-k and participated in Jakarta Fashion Week last year. Who will be expected that i will be participating on fashion week this year in a different brand "KALIGULA" under the wing of LEVEL ONE? *yeayyyyy... chicken dance*

Well... I'm still in a process of learning and growing. One step at the time but i always make sure that i accomplish something in a year of work. Six months after Fashion First, i was able to open my own shop that i share with some friends. I also had an offer to put my stuff at the online shopping ( in Netherlands and they are willing to work as my agent *fingers cross*. 

At the moment, I'm in the process of making my lookbook for Spring Summer 2011 so i can have a proper presentation in a future. The most exciting part of all is i finally launch my small collection of shoes. I'm going to post all of my photo shoot picture as soon as i finish with Jakarta Fashion Week. It is a bit too crazy at the moment but I'm still going to put a glimpse of the picture that i have. Feel free to give a comment that can improve me but not the nasty one. I hope you enjoy it like i do love working on it. Baci...

Spring Summer 2011 Collection

September 2010
A quick peek for my Spring Summer 2011 collection. It is somehow different with my two previous collection. I got inspired by the techniques of making dumplings for the necklaces. First, i cut a small square leather and i slices the middle part. Second, i inserted the pearl. Then i folded the base and glue them together.
I had so much fun making it. It's like learning how to cook jewelery without worrying to burn things. From dumplings to ravioli style. Chop.. chop..cut, glue and make a hole. Voila... it is ready to be put on your neck mademoiselle.. xoxo..

LOOKBOOK Spring Summer 2011

November 2010 
As i promise at my previous post, I'm going to show you my Lookbook for Spring Summer 2011 Collection. I must say it was amazing experience. This is the first photoshoot for my collection that i spent money on it. It wasn't sponsored by anyone.
This thing will not happened without the help of my dearest friends. So, i think i owe them my gratitude. 
First, I would like to thank Adit Puspoyo for lending me his beautiful Museum Layang-Layang for the photoshoot and also for helping me to do the styling for my collection. I also would like to thank Charles Sumadi as a photographer. He is awesome. Last i would like to thank the make-up artist and the model, Marlene Hariman and Deasy. Love y'all...
New collection of shoes and bags are coming to ABACUS by the end of November. Please visit the store to check it out.

Photographer : Charles Sumadi | M : +62 816111 2687 | E :

Kala Launch at

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I received an email this morning that Kala is officially launch at (you can click to this link :

I feel so happy and proud for Kaligula's sister because bobobobo is one of the exclusive e-commerce in Indonesia. Hopefully.. Kala can be well received for Indonesian market. Amen sistaa.... work it...

These are some of the screen shot that i took from my computer. Please check it out at the link that i wrote above. Happy Tuesday lovers...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hello 2014

February 2014

I have abandoned my blog for quite a while. Many things have happened in my personal life. Of course there is happy time but lots of sadness, struggle, survival.. I don't feel inspired to write. I'm still in the process to overcome my resentment and I'm still in the process of letting things go. I guess this is the first time i wrote something that a little bit personal. Oh well.. I'm going to stay positive, keep working, and hopefully one day i will understand the truly meaning of acceptance.

Anyway.. enough of my personal emotion :) I would like to write something about my work.
While I was away for so long, I actually made a sister of Kaligula that i called Kala. It means Kaligis Anita. Accessories line with affordable price for Indonesian market. Its fun and wearable.

These are some samples that i created :
Red Scarlet
China Blu
Ivory Tribe

Pink Petal

Blow Preen

Bled Ivory