Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Summer 2012 - CALLA

Spring is about gaining inspiration from nature: the scent, the breeze, the sound of curlews, the combination of buds and blooms and the exit from gloomy winter into the season of colors. The collection was drawn to and inspired by Lily, particularly the Calla Species, for its forms and symbolic value.
The ancient Greeks dedicated the lily to Hera, the wife of Zeus. Calla Lily symbolizes rebirth and resurrection which are taken in Kaligula Spring Summer 2012 collection to represent the mixture of dark and light colors.
It is bold, daring and refreshing. I hope people appreciate it as much as i love making it. Lots of love to my precious babies.... xoxo

My Best Friend Wedding

June 2011

Finally, my friend Court is getting married. I can't believe my sexy, crazy, wild girl is finally ready to settle down with a Portuguese guy name Alex. A guy that she met while traveling in Bali. Wow...

I must say it was the most romantic, intimate and beautiful wedding that i ever attended. Only family and close friends from both side. The ceremony was held at Villa Balquisse Jimbaran. The blessing ceremony was in the garden that have been decorated with dangling cloth and colorful umbrellas. It was a beautiful setting. After that, all the guests were led to the beach for group photo. We stayed there until sunset. Drinking champagne, have a small chat and they held a release of doves. I thought it was pretty funny.

We went back to the villa after sunset and seen a balinese dance performance in a garden. The night went on. We had dinner, wedding cake cut ceremony, bouquet throwing [of course i didnt't get one :)], soju drinking. I had a fabulous time in a wedding which is so rare. Here are some photos that i love to share.

Wedding Vow Ceremony

The Car

The Beach

Dove release as a symbol


The Cake


Mina in Black Rafiori

Mina's wearing my black rafiori necklace at Courtney's wedding. Super kawaiiii.....

Friend wearing KALIGULA

Wondeux in Brown use by a friend of mine name Courtney. She went to POLIMODA with me. I tagged her photo from facebook cause I'm so happy when someone wear my necklace. Yeay..... clapping  inside my heart ;)

Blueprint Singapore 2011

Blueprint was held on the 19th and 20th of May 2011 at Marina Bay Exhibition Hall Singapore. Followed by Emporium on the 21st and 22nd of May 2011. It was a nice experience but tiring and of course causing a mood swing. Thank God it is over. Fingers cross for the follow up.

Kaligula Booth for Blue Print

Update March 2011

I haven't updated my blog for a while. Life have been busy with deadline. It's not easy sometimes but i think i manage quite well.
I have been so lucky to be able to design bags and shoes for Sales Promotion Girl uniform.  I design and produce for several cigarette company and food company. Yup... that is my latest project. I must say i really enjoy it but it is a little handful. 
I also have some project with Ratimaya.  It is an online shopping that sells Indonesian Fashion.  The concept is quite interesting and i really hope is going to be well received by the people.
The recent project that takes most of my time is Blue Print. Yup.... Kaligula is one of the eighth designer that have been chosen to have a showcase in Singapore for Blue Print. You can read the article at

Well... that is the highlight of major things that i do lately. I will keep it posted if there is something excited to tell.

Kaligula in JFW2010

I know it is a little too late but i just think that i have to post some of the picture from my show. I was a little nervous and trip when i was about to walk into the runway. I was hoping not so many people notice it. Apart from that little accident, the show was going well and we all had so much fun. My model was awesome.

TIMEOUT August 2010

I was interviewed by TIMEOUT last July with Tyara Putri. No fuss, simple and good column as a result. I should thank her for helping me to publicize my baby Kaligula.

Grazia Cover January 2011

Featured Luna Maya as a front cover. I think it could've been done better with styling. Comsi comsa..

GIRLFRIEND - August 2010

The fashion spread called "MUSIC IN MONOCHROME" featured Frozen Throne necklace from my past collection (used to call a-k). The picture is pretty cute. Rock and roll in era of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

In other spread called "FLOW WITH THE WIND" they use Kaligula wooden ring with pearl detail also looks cute.

EVE MAGS - August 2010

In a page 40 of Eve Magazine, they suggested a speed shopping with a theme of "A TOUCH OF ETHNIC". One of the item that they suggested is Kaligula clutch called Celebes in a Gray Color. Other stuff they suggested with a theme of "EARTH TONE" is Kaligula necklace called Moonce. They put a wrong credit title for the necklace tho...


Speechless in a disappointment. The stylist borrow so much stuff from Kaligula but the spread turns out like shit and the necklace only shown quarter view because of the kuda lumping (horse ornament). Who does that? It's an insult for my baby (poor NooRi). They should organize better before borrowing stuff. I totally pissed off with their work. I hope they read my blog.

Autumn Winter 2010

New brand means new collection. I will show you my new collection of "kaligula" for Autum Winter 2010. You can still feel the touch of my previous collection but more in modest kind of way. The pieces are smaller, calmer and not as bold as the previous collection. 

Dagger of Java at KLE After Math Party

Last Thursday on the 22nd of July 2010, i was helping my dear friend's Kleting to do some catwalk choreographer for her fashion show. She had a preview of her new collection for KLÉ Fall Winter 10/11 "THE AFTERMATH" at BLU Martini Bar & Lounge, JW MARRIOT, Mega Kuningan.
I must say it is an interesting experience since i never do any catwalk choreography. I'm not really confidence at the beginning, but, after I put my dress on, slip on my heels and drank a glass of Martini, everything seems easy to do and i feel confidence. Choreographing seems like a piece of cake ;)
Another thing that makes me  happy was seeing my friend carrying Dagger of Java Clutch. Yipppieeee.... big smile... triumph face. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your friend proudly wearing kaligula (my baby). Hopefully, i will see more people wearing my design in a future. I promise to myself i will take picture and post it to my blog when someone wearing kaligula.


Physcadellic Circus rocks the magazine one more time.

ABACUS (All aBout ACcessories is US)

I finally open a small shop with some friends called ABACUS (All aBout ACcessories is US) at Level One, Grand Indonesia (East Mall). We provide all accessories such as: shoes, bags, necklaces, bracellet, rings, earrings and passport wallet. 
I'm only producing necklace for the moment but bags will coming soon in July. I can't wait to see all my sample. I hope everything turns out well. One step at the time and always moving forward. I must say I'm quite happy with the achievement of my product for such a short period of time. Never in my wild imagination to have a shop so soon after my first debut last November. I must say i've been blessed. Thank you for everyone who have been supported me from the start and thank GOD.

I'm opening a store soon

I'm going to open an accessories store with my friends called "ABACUS" - All aBout ACcessories is US. It will be at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, 1st Floor (East Mall), in front of Social House Bar and Restaurant. The Grand Opening will be held on the 2nd of June 2010 at 7pm-10pm. You can come anytime you are free, but in a meanwhile i will show you the preview of my front shop that still not ready. I'm so excited....

PS: the brand that will be available in ABACUS are : KALIGULA (by Anita Kaligis of course), Cocomomo, Naima, Eight, House of Jealouxy, Venom.